Ray Jocksch

PT, BPT, Cert. Med. Acup., Cert. Shiatsu Therapy

Ray graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Physical Therapy in 1976. He completed his Medical Acupuncture Certificate and Shiatsu Therapy in 1997. He has extensive post graduate training in manual therapy, core strengthening, Kinesio taping, cranio-sarcral therapy, myofascial release, total body balancing, and visceral manipulation.

He is passionate about teaching people about core training, core strengthening, activity modification and using the CORE to protect their back. Once clients are equipped with this knowledge, back pain can be eliminated in a very short time. Kinesio / Kinesiology taping is another tool that he has incorporated into many of his treatments. This tape is used to support injured muscles, ligaments, and joints while relieving pain and swelling.

Ray has a keen interest in Tai Chi and Chi Gong, which he has practiced for over 25 years. In the past 10 years he has studied Pilates and Power Yoga and has incorporated many of the stretching, core strengthening, and energy techniques into his exercise programs.

Ray was one of the founding members of Meadowlark Physical Therapy in 1980 and is presently in partnership with Kevin Button. Ray was actively involved as a council member of the College of Physical Therapists of Alberta for 6 years and held the position of secretary-treasurer for 4 years.